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As an artist and teacher, I strive to open doors to ever widening realms of the imagination and to extend the borders of knowledge and creative capacity in the creative fields.

I work with art & design students, in performance & theater, with leaders, educators, children and in therapeutic settings. Workshops help students to explore the use of depth experience and play as sources for inspiration in contemporary art and design practice. «The art of the Fool» is a technique I have developed to explore the relationship between intelligent absurd naiveté and imagination and creativity.

I use aesthetics, consciousness studies and methods adapted from theatre, performance, dance and education to explore the “depths”. Depth experiences can be described as those that activate and extend the conscious, thoughtful and integrated awareness of the senses. They bring body, mind and emotions into movement so that each can inform the other. As a group, participants use the performative act to encourage the complex inter-play between the individual and the collective energies, which are waiting to be explored as a shared source.



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What fools do...

See, hear, taste, smell, feel, think and act deeply. Take time in the moment to experience the world of space through the senses. Look each other in the eyes, play hide and seek, make faces and remember the wonder of childhood. Explore the space, find the possibilities within simple objects and remember that every thing is a toy. Listen carefully. Discover that all the world is speaking and that every sound is a song. Make noise, sing songs, speak nonsense and discover the range and capacities of our voices. Find harmony and excitement in our breathing and guide it to become sound. Enliven our sound with feeling through the vowels and shape it with consonants. Learn to speak again. Move until our bodies become conscious expression, communication, dance, mime, play. Discover what exists within the silent and still as well as the loud and in movement. Experience how every movement has interest and can be explored or remembered to become an expression that plays with an idea or an emotion. Be deeply sad, angry, funny, excited, happy. Attempt to experience and know each one without becoming it. Learn to follow the interest of our bodies. Share with each other – movements, sounds, dance, song. Learn from each other – pay attention, be interested, copy, exaggerate, lead, follow and transform. Make the experience of the other uniquely ones own. See the self anew in the reflection. Sit together and converse, each listening into the quiet of ones own being. Share our discoveries with others. Remember what we've done. Meditate. Observe, express, deepen and embody our thoughts. Philisophize and poetize.