Trailers and Documentation Videos

Performed, authored and directed by Dawn Nilo



The Kingdom of Fools, 2017/
Art Film Trailer/Sample Episode

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Online Z-Grade Art Film project.

Episode III: Transhumanism (Part One)




Umsülpen, 2016/
Documentation Collage

Super 8 film transfer video
and performance at
“A Moment in time, curated by

Klaus Biesenbach and Tom Stromerg.
Leopold Museum, Vienna Austria
ImPulsTanz visual arts X dance series




The Great Game, 2016/
Performance Trailer and Installation Video

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Installation and Performance

Basel Kunsthalle-Café Mitte
“Every Contact Leaves its Trace”
Masters Exhibit curated by
Chus Martinez and Lysann König

Volx/Margareten Theater, Vienna AT, 2016
The Great Game: REMEMBER WHY.
Dance Web individual research project.
Mentora: Tino Segahl and Louise Höjer Lysann König


the Kingdom of Fools, 2015/
Performance Exhibit Trailer

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May 8-10, 2015
filter4, Basel Switzerland

A Project including:
a 2 semester master’s course
3 day performance exhibit
28 artists
14 nations
13 different mother tongues
30 performances
12 Visual art works
Open Mike Poetry Night
Banquet with 100 guests
Exhibition guides: Game Book | Book of Poems | Catalog


Um Kreis und Linie, 2014/
Art Film Trailer
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8.08 min. Super 8 film transfer. Silent.
Film screenings: La Filature Mulhouse, France & Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg Germany



The Art of the Fool, 2014/
Documentation Collage

45 minute movement theatre production,
The Goetheanum, Dornach Switzerland.