The Question, 2014

iBook, 100 pages
Badlands Unlimited, NY, USA

Screen shots from the publisher’s website




While reading Rilke’s Duino Elegies, I started walking each morning before dawn through the forests and along the mudflats of Olympia. The cedar and arbutus trees mixed with the twilight and salt-sulfur smell of the ocean to rouse me out of an elegy soaked sleep. Then I beheld grand imaginations.

As the sun rose over the beach I mentally recorded them in words and recited them over and over under my breath so as not to forget. When I got home, I wrote them down on a journal made of brown paper bags. They became the Divine Brine, a 14 part elegy published in The Question.



with Plato!

Suddenly and fantastically,
through the miracles of the internet and Badlands Unlimited, I was a published author.