The Manuscripts, 2005-

800+ handwritten poems in pencil and ink on paper

The manuscripts are the raw word material for The Great Work, a book I’m writing through an ongoing series of exhibitions, performances and publications that center around the poems.


It is one story poem, temporarily and fantastically called, The Great Work, in reference to the alchemical task of soul transformation.

It is the story of the intimate soul initiation trying to reflect the universal. It seeks the red thread narrative that will sew it all together. By “it” I refer to both the manuscript of poems and the universal initiation, imbedded within the context of art, poetry and story telling today. What is the red thread? The purpose is not only to write the book, but also to engage in a dialog that actually spins the thread and partakes in and creates contemporary practices of the imagination.

It might begin something like this…


see also Gas.Sparks.Fire.



 “These Words”, printed in The Question, Badlands Unlimited, 2014