A poem is a door to the imagination that
allows you to dream and be awake
at the same time.


I write and perform poems in
words, performances, projects and objects.

Works in Words



The Manuscripts

700+ poems in pencil and ink on paper



To write the book that teaches you
How to wake to the dream,
You must become a wanderer.
Slow and deliberate,
Your life must become the story
That is the truth within the myth.

There are no words on a page here,
But a book holding the logos of you Life.
Open the pages of this book

That they may become for you
Their Truth in your ability to become them
Their power rests in the imagination

The Question, 2014 –

iBook, 100 pages
Badlands Unlimited, NY, USA

Evoking the feel of a “how to” guide to the imagination, The Question weaves in and out of grand themes like love, death, and freedom, while intermingling with a host of enigmatic and colorful characters including Sweat Pea, Eagle Rose, Mouse and the Glad Companions.

Qscreen shotpy

Blah Blah Blah, 2014 –

Poetry Performance, 20 min.
Schaulager (Paul Chan exhibit), Basel, CH





Publication of “#39 To write the book”, 2014

Published in A Poem a Day, 
by Nico Dockx and Clara Meister
Performed at the  Neuenationalgalerie, Berlin
Exhibited at the Muze Oostende, Belgium

The poem “# 39: To write the book ” from my Manuscripts was published as the April 1st entry in a 2014 calendar of artist’s poetry by Nico Dockx and Clara Meister. 

A Poem a day sharp


spoken words and spukende Worte, 2014 

Poetry Performance, 10 min.
Bone 17 Performance Festival, Stadtgallerie


with Jürgen Bogle, Dawn Nilo, John Giorno and Christoph Studer-Harper


This is Private. This is Raw.

(as a part of the Full Moon to New Moon Exhibit)
Duration Poetry Performance, 24 hours

During the 24 hours leading up to the new moon, I read through my complete unedited works of poetry: The Manuscripts: over 700 poems written over 7 years.


Poems for Johannes, 2014

Book of poems on transfer paper, 110 pages
Overlayed into a 1979 publication of Aristotle’s De Anima

Poems for Johannes-72dpi