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2017 Swiss  Performance Art Award


The Concept

Film Screening of KoF TV episode one at m54 Projekt Raum

In German auf der Höhe, means “on the heights” or “ on top of the game”. The kitchen is a great game for us. We play with it in order to (in the words of Joseph Beuys) make the mysteries Productive.

The Kitchen Auf der Höhe 

Project Space and Publishing House,
Arlesheim Switzerland

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Drawing by Arnjel Ruud



Umstülpen, 2016

Installation and performance at “A Moment in time”,
Curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Tom Stromerg.
Leopold Museum, Vienna Austria
ImPulsTanz visual arts X dance series


The Great Game 

Multidisciplinary Performance Exhibit

Kunsthalle Basel, CH, 2016
“Every contact Leaves its Trace” Master’s Exhibit
Curated by Chus Martinez and Lysann König
As a part of the installation How the Work Works (6 hrs)

Volks/Margarethen Theater, Vienna AT, 2016

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Using The Art of the Fool as inspiration, a Company of trained Players performs as experts of the game. They use a combination of choreographed sequences that include spontaneous improvisations as well as rehearsed pieces to “play”.


How the Work Works, 2016

Installation and Great Game Performance
“Every contact Leaves it’s Trace”, Kunsthalle Basel,
Masters Exhibit, Curated by Chus Martinez and Lysann König

See How the Work Works in video or in writing for an analyses of the work.




How the Work Works was a three part installation:  The Great Game was performed at a coffee shop walking distance from the Kunsthalle Basel, where the public could either watch the game on a small screen through binoculars or leave the white cube and walk down the street for the live experience. Throughout the exhibition the screen showed the Great Game trailer inviting people to play live via cell phone. The third part was installed at Kasko, a nearby offs-pace, where the public could watch a fool’s commentary of the work from the relative comfort and warmth of a rocking chair.



An ongoing series of performance ceremonies, 2-4 hours each
Various settings in Switzerland and Iceland

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I make tea in a round bottomed flask over a bunsen burner.

Cydonia oblonga in mensa1Photo by Helge Reinald Philipp


Remember Why, The Album, 2016

Limited Edition of 24, ten inch hand cut vinyl albums,
Poems and songs from the chapbook The Question
Included as a part of The Great Game script
Music by Uli Hohmann

SIDE A: Dogs Bark | Trombones of Saturn      

SIDE B: One Found / Madras Cowboy

RW- album1_72dpi


Serendipity, 2016

Residency: Institute for Polymer Engineering, Brugg, CH.
Exhibition:  Academy of Art and Design, Basel, CH.
with Nici Jost, Dawn Nilo, Maeva Rosset and Yota Tsotra

We were seeking the ideal material of the future…



Kingdom of Fools (Null), 2015

Project and Performance Exhibit, 9 months + 3 days
(I was the artist-director-curator)
Masters Seminar: Institut Kunst; Exhibition: filter4, Basel, Switzerland

In celebration of absurd naiveté

KoF-HRPh-72dpi07Photo by Helge Reinald Philipp

East of the sun and west of the moon, there lies the kingdom of fools…


  • a 2 semester master’s course
  • 3 day performance exhibit
  • 28 artists
  • 14 nations
  • 13 different mother tongues
  • 30 performances
  • 12 Visual art works
  • Open Mike Poetry Night
  • Banquet with 100 guests
  • Exhibition guides: Game Book | Book of Poems | Catalog

Scaffolding, 2015

9m x 7m x 7m scaffolding
Kingdom of fools (Null), filter4, Basel CH

In the courtyard stands a scaffolding tower. In the bed at the top sleeps the greatest fool of all. It is me and it is you. We sleep. We dream. We wake.

Below we ask our questions… “The world is on fire! Why are you sleeping?” The fools answers may be boring, absurd, wise, naive or infinite. We must each discern the difference for ourselves.



Furnace, 2015

3m x 3m x 3 m
wood stove with fire and sand drawing
Kingdom of fools (Null), filter4, Basel CH

Inside in the dark is a furnace. It contains a fire in the belly and will warm you, but if you come too close, it will burn. There are no answers here, only your silent burning questions. How close do you wish to come?




Um Kreis und Linie, 2014

8.08 min. Super 8 film transfer. Silent.
Filmscreenings: La Filature Mulhouse, France
& Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg Germany


Um Kreis und Linie  draws a line through the  periphery. Both abstract and narrative, it is a poem in moving pictures that explores the geometry of the self.

Using visual rhythm and rhyme, it traverses the waking dream within time and space. The subject walks within the rich and mercurial colour and texture of 8mm film – within nowhere and forever.



Full Moon to New Moon, 2014

Solo exhibition and project
Artachment, Basel Switzerland


The exhibition consisted of  three independent pieces that built upon and multiplied the meaning of each other: an art auction, an installation and a 24 hour poetry reading. Together they created a fourth piece: Full Moon to New Moon. The first event took place during the full moon and the last event during thethe new moon. In between the installation was exhibited.

Artachment, a former control house that  sits on the edge of a river on the border between Switzerland and France. It is on the threshold between land and water, country and country, past and future.

The project was about creating thresholds – between value and money, public and private, lawfulness and chaos, sanity and insanity, self and other…



The Lemonade Stand

(as a part of the Full Moon to New Moon Exhibit)
Performance Action, 4 hours


The Lemonade Stand was a vernissage, finnissage, exhibition and auction in one event. I was the collector, curator, gallerist and auctioneer.


Das Haus des Narren, 2014

(As a part of the Full Moon to New Moon exhibit)
The Fool’s House: an installation


Erkenne Dich Selbst – Know Thyself, A house, a door, a keyhole and the red thread…


If you look closely through the keyhole you will find the path to heaven.

Every day, at sunrise and sunset, a single spot light illuminated the inside of the house and an instrumental recording of Bach: Violin Partita #2 in D minor sounded from within.

Geometry Poem, 2014

Sequence of 14 digitally manipulated scans
From pencil on paper originals, Sizes variable

shown as a poster: #13



Alchemy Lab, 2014

Installation and Photography
Studio Nilo, Basel, Switzerland

copper and slate tables, jars of tea, chemistry instruments, bunsen burner, glass flasks and beakers, drawings, paintings, photographs and moving pictures…


Portraits from the Book of Life, 2014 

Installation and Photography Series


baby jesus-72dpi

A study of daily thoughts, experiences and stuff: the meaning of life written in chaos, coincidences and aesthetic relationships…

shown: #2: Baby Jesus is the incarnated apple, 2013
aprox. 75 x 75 x 45cm

painting on wood, running shoes, metal lantern, plastic piggy bank, plastic cube, green apple

Absolutely Convergent, 2014

Object series: paintings, drawings and tapestry


AC4_White and Blue1-72dpi

shown: Absolutely Convergent no.4:
White and Blue, 2014

100 x 100cm
acrylic paint on watercolour paper

Apples faul: faulende Äpfel, 2013 & 2014

Installation and performance. 2 hours
Schleifferei, Basel, Switzerland
Studio Nilo, Basel Switzerland

There is an empty picture frame on the wall above the apples. I will put a picture of the apples in the frame and take another before they have rotted, in the spring. Then we will look at it so that we will both know the way to yesterday and tomorrow and the way back home to now, where we are, before the apples…



Gas. Sparks. Fire, 2014 

Student Performance, 20 min.
Art Academy Master’s Pavilion, Basel Switzerland



These words are not meant to bring sense to the intellect but an echo of imaginings to the wings of the heart…

Apple. Knife. Banana, 2014

Performance, 20 min.
ACT Swiss Student Performance Festival, Bern

It was about generating interest and attention to detail. Two volunteers from the public performed the piece.


Five, 2014 

Performance with poetry and sound installation, 15 min.
“20 Jahre”, Kasko, Basel and ACT student performance festival, Zurich, Switzerland


This is the dream from which I now musk wake…

I performed the geometric construction of a pentagon during a sound installation which included poetry and opera.


Formative Forces, 2012

Sequence of 6: 5 Drawings & 1 Painting
30cm x 30 cm each
oil pastel and paint on paper


shown: #2

Love In Freedom or Freedom in Love?, 2010

Private wedding, installation and performance with Johannes Nilo
Reichenstein Castle, Arlesheim, Switzerland

love port

I was busy with alchemy and I wanted the philosopher’s stone. So I married the philosopher.

Universal Symbols, 2008

25cm x 25 cm

– steel frame, wool felt pad with cotton embroidery thread, jeweller’s loop tweezers and chain, cedar carving with copper shaving engraving, walnut shell with silk lining and diamond –

The Gift-72dpiInside the walnut shell is the philosopher’s stone.


The Fool, 2007-

Ongoing performance series, lengths vary
Various location in America,  Scandinavia  and middle Europe


As a fool I seek the astute observation that will find the absurdity and the wis- dom in any given situation.


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