• I graduated from the Basel Art Academy in 2016. I am a poet, visual artist and and perfomer based in Basel Switzerland, where I am currently developing a form of performing and exhibiting that combines visual art, structured improvisation and game playing.

    A few milestones for my work include:

    In 2017 I was nominated for the Swiss Performance Prize.

    In 2016 I worked with mentor Tino Segahl as a DanceWeb Scholarship recipient in Vienna Austria, where she performed Umstülpen, at the Leopold Museum, curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Tom Stromberg, and The Great Game , at the Volx/Margareten Theater.

    In 2015 I produced The Kingdom of Fools, directing and curating 28 international artists in a performance exhibit at filter4 in Basel. In 2014 I performed poems at the Schaulager, from her chapbook, The Question, which was published by artist Paul Chan’s “Badland’s Unlimited”.

  • About my Work


    Temporarily and fantastically titled The Great Work in reference to the alchemical task of soul transformation…

    My work is an ongoing series of poems, performances and exhibitions that make up the manuscript for the reunion of my practice, which is what I will have when I’m done: in the end. It is a poem, a riddle and a story told through an eclectic mix of symbols and melting into a pot of seaming confusion.

     But look more closely; this is not just any pot. It is the alchemist’s flask into which basic elements of the work are added, forming a glossary of motifs for study and practice: to be dissolved, mixed, rarified, formed and transformed… Images, objects and ideas repeat, sometimes revisiting old meaning and sometimes evolving into the next.

    It may seem complicated, but the red thread that quickens the imagination provides the leitmotiv that will lead both in and out of the labyrinth. With patience, it will transform this straw of confusion into gold.